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Medical Image Reference Files

1996 RSNA DICOM Medical Image Set

The 1996 RSNA DICOM Image Set consists of 35 studies selected from approximately 100 studies submitted by vendors during the summer of 1995. Vendors submitted digital data sets, films, and reports that described the studies. Studies were then selected on the basis of image quality and clinical interest.

These 35 studies were stored on a Central Test Node (CTN) at the 1996 RSNA Conference and were available to participating vendors for retrieval using DICOM query/retrieve. These studies were also described in a DICOM handout that was available to attendees so that they could ask vendors to recall and display specific studies.

Our ftp site ftp.erl.wustl.edu contains the digital data as well as documents that describe the datasets.

The documents are:

  • README file that provides an overall view of the directory.
  • Index file that lists each study found in the directory.
  • Reports file that contains the reports describing each study.
  • Validation file that describes the problems that our laboratory found with the image data.

A browsable index is also available.

As stated in the README file, the image sets represent significant effort on the part of the vendors and our staff. However, neither the vendors nor the ERL staff guarantees that the images are 100% DICOM compliant. In fact, we know that there are errors. These images are made available in the hope that they will allow you to test your implementations.