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DICOM Demonstrations

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine

Beginning in 1992, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) sponsored DICOM support activities in the ERL. The goal was to foster demonstrations of the DICOM Standard at the RSNA Annual Meetings that would encourage vendors to demonstrate prototype and available products that communicated using the DICOM Standard. Our laboratory designed and created a set of software that is now referred to as the Central Test Node (CTN) software.

The Central Test Nodes were computers at the RSNA that communicated with vendor implementations in the infoRAD area and on the technical floor using the DICOM protocol. The CTNs provided a centralized facility that allowed vendors to minimize testing problems by communicating with a single non-commercial) partner. The goals and features shaped by members of the RSNA Electronic Communications of the demonstrations have been Committee and by members of the MedPACS Section of NEMA. As their products have matured, vendors naturally have begun to communicate directly with other vendors using the network supplied by the RSNA.

One of the important features of the 1995 DICOM demonstration was a set of medical images and the corresponding diagnostic results that resided on the CTNs. These images were submitted by vendors to the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology for a selection process that was managed by Dr. Kevin W. McEnery.

RSNA Meeting DICOM Demonstration