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2008 Articles

  1. Vendt B, McKinstry R, Ball, W Kraut M, Prior F, DeBaun M. Silent Cerebral Infarct Transfusion (SIT) Trial Imaging Core: Application of Novel Imaging Information Technology for Rapid and Central Review of MRI of the Brain. Journal of Digital Imaging, 2008, DOI: 10.1007/s10278-008-9114-3.
  2. Erinjeri JP, Picus D, Prior F, Rubin D, Koppel P, Development of a Google-Based Search Engine for Data Mining Radiology Reports. Journal of Digital Imaging, 2008, doi: 10.1007/s10278-008-9110-7.
  3. Hastings MK, Gelber JR, Commean PK, Prior FW, Sinacore DR, Bone Mineral Density of the Tarsals and Metatarsals with Reloading. Physical Therapy, 2008; 88(6):1-13, doi: 10.2522/ptj.20070226
  4. Clark K, Gierada D, Marquez G, Moore S, Maffitt D, Moulton J, Wolfsberger M, Koppel P, Phillips S, Prior F, Collecting 48,000 CT Exams for the Lung Screening Study of the National Lung Screening Trial. Journal of Digital Imaging, 2008, DOI 10.1007/s10278-008-9145-9.
  5. Commean PK, Ju T, Sinacore DR, Hastings MK, Prior FW, Mueller MJ. Tarsal and metatarsal bone mineral density measurement using volumetric quantitative computed tomography. J Digital Imaging In press-accepted March 2008, doi: 10.1007/S10278-008-9118-Z. In press.
  6. Prior F, Brunsden B, Hildebolt C, Nolan T, Pringle M, Vaishnavi SN, Larson-Prior, L, Facial Recognition from Volume Rendered Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data. IEEE Trans. Inf. Tech. Biomed, 2008, in press.