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Mary Wolfsberger

Mary Wolfsberger

Data Analyst

Office: East Building 3355
Tel: (314)362-7194
Fax: (314)362-6971



A.A.S., Computer Operations, St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley - 1986


Mary Wolfsberger began her Information Technology career in 1986 as a computer operator on IBM mainframe and Siemens equipment. In 1992 she accepted a Data Coordinator position at one of the top direct mail companies in the U.S., DIMAC Direct. As part of a team, working on one of the companies’ largest accounts, AT&T, Mary was responsible for the IT process from receipt of digital data to completion of scheduled deadlines. She was involved in the development and creation of an on-line companywide worksheet which was used by each department to track and update the status of all accounts.

In 2005, Mary started in the ERL as a Data Analysts to assist in the process of creating the CT Image Library using the digital CT image data from the National Lung Screening Trial. Mary is involved in the management of digital CT and MRI image data for several research studies currently in progress.  She also provides user support for CSW and Philips iSite PACS software programs.

Research Interests

Analysis and management of digital image data


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