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Malcolm Tobias

Malcolm Tobias

Systems Manager

Office: East Building 3337B
Tel: (314)362-1594
Fax: (314)362-6971



B.S., Physics, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania - 1991
M.A., Physics, Washington University in St. Louis - 1993
Ph.D., Physics, Washington University in St. Louis - 1997


Malcolm's thesis work in physics was the numerical simulation of gravity waves in General Relativity. This required access to some of the largest supercomputers of the time and was his first foray into the world of High Performance Computing.  In 2000 the Physics department acquired the first of its supercomputers and formed the Center For Scientific Parallel Computing.  Malcolm maintained the systems and worked with a variety of groups from multiple departments to port their codes and, in many cases, to help them parallelize their codes for the first time.  In 2005 Malcolm moved to the Center for Computational Biology and worked with the faculty members of the center to maintain their personal computing clusters.  In 2010 Malcolm moved to the ERL to maintain their supercomputer as part of the Center for High Performance Computing.

Research Interests

High Performance Computing


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