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Lawrence Tarbox

Lawrence Tarbox

Research Assistant Professor

Office: East Building 3354
Tel: (314)362-6967
Fax: (314)362-6971



B.A., Physics, UniversityBrigham Young University, Provo, UT - 1978
Ph.D., Medical Informatics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City - 1989


Dr Tarbox is a Research Assistant Professor at the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology of the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine where he manages caBIG’s eXtensible Imaging Platform (XIP) project and is responsible for architecting workflow and information management systems that support the newly created Center for Clinical Imaging Research. His background is in Medical Informatics with an emphasis in Imaging Informatics as well as Diagnostic Imaging Physics.
Prior to joining the faculty at Washington University, Dr. Tarbox led the imaging architectures program at Siemens Corporate Research, which was responsible for creating the core image processing and multi-dimensional visualization toolkits that were utilized in nearly every medical imaging product produced by Siemens. During his 20 year career at Siemens, Dr. Tarbox also participated in concept teams that reshaped product lines, and the team that produced the ‘Pictures of the Future in Medicine’ documents that were utilized by multiple divisions within Siemens for business planning.

Dr. Tarbox has been an active participant in the DICOM Standards Committee for nearly 15 years, serving as editor for many supplements to the DICOM Standard and chairing WG-14 on Security and WG-23 on Application Hosting. The latter working group is developing an open interface standard that will allow a host medical imaging workstation to locate, launch, and interact with processing “plug-ins” that come from a variety of sources, thus promoting application sharing between vendors and between research communities. The XIP project will create a reference implementation of this “plug-in” interface.

Research Interests

Dr. Tarbox’s research interests include workflow optimization, particularly for the imaging cores of clinical trials, providing open interfaces for data and application interchange, characterization of algorithm performance, and the data mining of large medical record archives that include images.

Affiliations/Professional Studies

American Association of Physicists in Medicine - Member since 1983
Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine - Member since 2006


  1. “Continuously Sweeping Multiple-Pass Image Acquisition System for Peripheral Angiography''; U.S. Patent Number 4,995,064; Feb. 19, 1991

    Invention disclosures filed including various aspects of accelerated volume rendering, post-processing software distribution, and laboratory information systems, which have been filed as patent applications.


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