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ERL was started in 1986 by professors G. James Blaine, R. Gilbert Jost and Jerome R. Cox with Dr. Blaine as the director. The goal of the laboratory was to perform basic research in the emerging field of electronic radiology and to assist the department in the transition from film to digital imaging. ERL added signficant staff resources in 1999 by merging with the visualization group previously under the direction of Dr. Michael Vannier. These resources allowed ERL to assist MIR faculty members with basic research issues (image rendering, volume measurements) in addition to ERL's core research in PACS development.

ERL developed experience as an imaging core for clinical trials with an NIH sponsored grant under the direction of Dr. Ty Bae. We have since used this software and expertise for the NLST and SIT projects.

Dr. Fred Prior joined the lab in December, 2003 as co-director with Dr. Mark Mintun. Dr. Blaine served as an advisor to Dr. Prior as he assumed the management responsibilities. Under Dr. Prior's leadership, the lab has expanded its work in several areas:

  • software and procedures to support image based clinical trials
  • an open source image display and analysis platform, and workflow enhancement tools to support cancer research
  • research collaborations in all areas of imaging informatics
  • high performance computing for medical research